Our History

Several members from the Bethel World Outreach Ministries, Arima under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Irvin E. Smith had developed a pattern of evangelizing the populace of the growing migrant communities in Arima and its environs. In many of those areas, after spreading the good news of salvation, a church was planted.

In 1982, Sister Angela Charles, wife of Pastor Eugene Charles, who was a member of this vibrant church, informed Rev. Dr. Smith that there was a new housing development called La Horquetta, and that she would like to begin to evangelize the area. He gave his permission and blessings.

Sister Angie, as she is affectionately called, Sis. June Hernandez, and with the help of other brethren from Bethel began their pioneer work among the La Horquetta community. They targeted residents and workers on the construction sites. At that time, only the first phase of the housing development was constructed. The roads were yet to be paved, and exposed drain pipes were used as seats by the workmen to whom they ministered. This phase of La Horquetta began at Plumbago Avenue and ended at La Horquetta Boulevard. Pastor Eugene Charles was, at the time, still a student of the Bible, at the West Indies School of Theology.

This group conducted personal evangelism campaigns, house to house visitations, and open air meetings in the area. They invited persons like Rev. Aimraj Maharaj and Rev. Jeremiah Prescott to preach the gospel. They seized every opportunity to hold church meetings in homes in La Horquetta, which were called House Blessings. For one year, they gathered for church and fellowship at Sis. Bobb’s home.